200-60 High-Temp Hose 4" dia x 6' long


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5.00 LBS
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Product Overview

High-temperature 4" diameter hose with yellow spiral, this hose is used with Magna-Matic dust collection systems, water-cooled grinding systems, and CO exhaust systems.  This hose is easy-to-work-with it can be cut with a knife or shears, it is light weight and is crush proof.

6 Foot long

Hose wall: polyester fabric, coated with EPDM/PP
External helix: plastic helical section

• Can be driven over repeatedly
• Excellent recovery properties
• High resistance to mechanical loads
• Extremely flexible
• Compressibility 1:2
• Small bend radius
• Super lightweight
• Robust
• Good tensile/tear-proof
• Good flow characteristics
• Welded construction
• Reinforced by plastic spiral

Exhaust gas temperatures up to +300F when exhaust gas funnels are used properly and enough fresh air is utilized. When used with dust collection and live spark environments sparks should not directly hit the hose, they should first contact a metal spark arrestor or guard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review