200-70 Spark Arresting Box for MAG-200 Series Dust Collectors


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Product Overview

The 200-70 Spark Arresting Box is designed to disrupt the flow of sparks and give them more time to cool off as another layer of fire safety for the MAG-200 Dust Collector.  While the MAG-200 has an internal spark arresting filter if you are using a abrasive belt grinder of any kind we recommend this spark arresting box to give heavy spark flow time to cool before it enters the dust collector.  This spark arresting box was specifically designed for knifemakers in mind because of their heavy grinding needs.

The 200-70 has 5 layers of baffles inside, there are 3 closed baffles and 2 open baffles to disrupt the spark flow and give a lot of surface area for the sparks to bounce off of to further cool them before they enter the impeller and internal spark arresting filter of the MAG-200 Dust Collector. The 200-70 is made from all steel and powder coated to last in an industrial environment. 

The spark box is compatible with all MAG-200 [gen2] Dust Collectors.  Installation is fast and easy, it simply screws in the place of the inlet flange. The inlet flange is then screwed to the top of the spark box. The spark box has 2 catch clamps to allow for easy removal and cleaning.

If you have an extreme spark load multiple spark boxes can be stacked upon each other for even more layers of fire safety.

Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6.5" high

NOTE: inlet flange not included with spark box.

Warranty Information

2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review