AKFST Front Sight Tool

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The AKFST line of AK-47 front sight tools are the first AK front sight tool to be made to the levels of strength and durability the AK end user or manufacturer expects. No extra tools are required. The AKFST also makes range adjustments even easier, don't let a frozen AK front sight force you to run back to your shop to make adjustments. The UNBREAKABLE AKFST is 400% stronger than the current generic “C-clamp” type tools. Now with the AKFST you’ll never have to re-buy a front sight tool due to breakage on a frozen AK sight.

The AKFST has a limited life-time warranty - if the tool breaks under normal use, send the tool back to Magna-Matic (or email us an image of the failure) for a replacement.

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The 4.5 inch long torque arm provides a greater accuracy in sight adjustment, because with a longer lever it requires less pressure to make a smaller motion. Which allows you to be more sensitive in your adjustment. WINDAGE! The ultra-strong full-circle clamp provides 100% positive contact to the sight post. The heavy-duty full-circle clamp and over-sized push rod provides the strength to move the most stubborn frozen sight. Perfect alignment of the drum is easy by viewing the drum through the sight adjustment port of the AKFST. ELEVATION! The precision machined tip of this adjustable T-handle wrench seats onto the sight post to give you a 100% positive hold on even the most frozen of sight posts. The long lever, which is able to be positioned for greater leverage makes adjustment simple and easy. Note: the T-handle rod can slide to any position to provide more leverage, all images are shown with max leverage.

Rifle Compatiblity List

Bulgarian - AK101 / SLR95 / SSR-99 / SA85 / AK103 / Krink-tool must be turned upside-down
Czech - VZ-58
Chinese - Type 84 / MAK90 / Polytec / SVD Egyptian - Maadi
Romanian - WASR 1,2,3 / SAR 1,2,3 /WUM / CUR / PAR 1,2,3 / AES-10A / AES-10B / PSL / SSG-97
Polish - Tantal
Russian - AK-47 / AKM / AK-74 / RPK-47 / RPK-74 / SVD Dragunov / Tiger / Saiga Rifles all / Dinzag Siaga 12 front sight bases
Yugo - M70 / RPK
Most - SKS Rifles


(24 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Magnamatic AK sight adjuster

    Posted by Dennis E. Math on 14th May 2021

    Awesome as the one I bought and then had permanently borrowed by a friend. Bought my first through AK Operators Union but they were out of stock for the replacement. There is NO better sight adjustment tool for the AK platform

  • 5
    Great Tool

    Posted by Jonathan on 13th May 2021

    Bought it to help adjust my first AK, worked great. Recommend to anyone who owns an AK.

  • 5
    Best AK sight tool on the market!

    Posted by Douglas on 10th May 2021

    After destroying a few cheap, poor quality steel front sight tools acquired off eBay, I decided to buckle down and buy the real thing. Money well spent and no more wasted time. No more cracked metal trying to adjust elevation. Couldn't be happier with the product.

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony Coronel on 7th May 2021

    Really great tool super good quality

  • 5
    Front sight tool

    Posted by Adam on 3rd May 2021

    Very robust. It is able to move tight front sight drums with minimal effort. Feels like it won't strip out like the cheaper clamp type tools.

  • 5
    Saw on AKOU

    Posted by Andrew on 30th Apr 2021

    Saw that AK Operators Union used this and decided to try it. Was impressed.

  • 5
    Front sight tool

    Posted by Travis on 29th Apr 2021

    Brilliant! SO glad I got this. Price was right and wicked fast delivery.

  • 5
    Akm sight tool

    Posted by Gus able on 29th Mar 2021

    All I can say is wow! I’ve spend several days telling all my friends what a piece of master craftsmanship this is Only in usa can you have such ART. Wow!!! Master machinists!!!

  • 5

    Posted by darin lee on 23rd Feb 2021

    BUY IT!, I had an sks front sight that couldnt be moved with a 6" C clamp and sockets, and it laughed at my attempts with a punch and heavy hammer blows. I knew about the typical garbage clamp style adjusters from across the pond, and almost tried one despite my own common sense. But Time and minimizing frustration are important, and I enjoy owning quality tools, so rather than getting 15 or twenty bucks wrapped up in a poorly made piece of pot metal that would only disappoint me and enrichen some little conman in a country that starts with "C", I followed the forums on the net and ordered what is unquestionably the finest most robust and well thought out front sight tool ever devised! And surprise surprise that wasn't enough, nooo! The shipping was faster than a bad rumor in a small town, the service was excellent, and more importantly, the thing worked effortlessly! It allowed me to smoothly control the drift of the sight in precise small increments. My only misgiving was that the task was completed too soon..... It was with such satisfaction that I used the tool that I wished for more rifle sights to rectify! So what, you pay a little extra, remember the last time you ponied up and spent a few extra dollars to buy a tool that truly excelled past the rest in quality and performance? so much so that you'd be proud to hand it down to the generations to come? The object of such substance that you take it out now and then only to look at it? That the difference in price was long forgotten and only the value and utility are thought of now? well thats what you'll be getting with the AKFST front sight tool by Magna-Matic...Just BUY IT ALREADY!

  • 5
    AK front sight tool is fantastic

    Posted by Robert KOCS on 22nd Feb 2021

    I had a stubborn front sight that was breaking other tools. The Magna-Matic tool worked like a charm. I highly recommend to everyone!

  • 5
    A Must for every AK

    Posted by Sal on 3rd Feb 2021

    Every AK owner needs one of these. Makes sight adjustment quick and painless. Great quality and easy to use.

  • 5
    Front sight tool

    Posted by Roger on 23rd Dec 2020

    Tool works as expected. Easy to use and of high-quality.